Manage Your Protected Content Quickly and Easily and Save Valuable Time and Errors

Wishlist Protection Display

Wishlist Content Protection Display adds a Protection Level column to your posts’ list, so you can easily manage your posts and know which post is protected by which levels.

This little peace of information is very crucial for managing your membership site’s content quickly and easily.

Think about it, a membership site with dozens or even hundreds posts becomes quite difficult to manage, and that’s where Wishlist Content Protection Display.

Why Wishlist Protection Display is a must have plugin?

1. Prevents crucial protection mistakes

2. Saves you decent amount of time managing the protection settings

3. Becomes more valuable as your site grows

3. Gives you important statistic data

Exclusive Features

Unique icons that allow you to know what is the protection status of each post and page in your membership site.

When moving the mouse on each icon an explanation about the icon’s meaning will come up, and when clicking the icons, you will be redirected to manage your protection settings inside Wishlist Member plugin.

Statistic information that gives you a thorough overview about how many protected content vs. unprotected content you have and give you the ability to balance between them.

Wishlist Protection Display Screenshots

The column “Protection” will be added to your posts’ list as seen in the below screenshot and will help you manage your membership site’s posts quickly and easily.

Wishlist Protection Display